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San Diego Unified School District Redistricting Proposal

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San Diego County Committee on School District Organization

On December 14, 2021, the SDUSD Board of Education approved a new District trustee area map derived from 2020 Census Data. This new map effectively disenfranchised thousands of voters, with the entire Scripps Ranch community being the most impacted.  The development of SDUSD’s new District trustee area map was done with little input from the public, was heavily influenced by political purposes, and did not equitably distribute the population to the extent possible.  Public notices were provided at the last minute, making it nearly impossible for the public to provide meaningful input.

The Aristotle Foundation, a community-based nonprofit organization, proposes a map identical to that recommended by SDUSD’s own consultant ArcBridge (described and depicted below as “Map A”), that would cure the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters. The proposal is in full compliance with the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Aristotle Foundation’s proposed map redraws SDUSD’s district boundaries to equitably distribute the population such that all trustee areas will have near equal population, which is the primary purpose of school district trustee area rearrangements. According to analysis done by ArcBridge, Map A has a population deviation of 0.49% compared to SDUSD’s map, which has a population deviation of 3.81%. Map A accomplishes this more equitable rearrangement without disenfranchising thousands of voters and an entire community. For reference, the pre-census and December 2021 SDUSD approved maps are also depicted below, using images created by ArcBridge and pulled from SDUSD presentations.

Please sign our petition to present The Aristotle Foundation’s proposed map to the County Committee for consideration. This is a fair and legal map that reflects local population changes while not disenfranchising a massive number of voters.  Approval by the County Committee would mean that The Aristotle Foundation’s proposed map would replace and supersede SDUSD’s map.


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